The Temple of Light is a shamanistic organization of philosophy that will connect you to the divine, bring balance and meaning to your life.

The Temple of Light Canon

There is a god. God is energy and is all things. 

Family values and having children are the foundation of life. 

The Mind, body and spirit must be in balance. 

There is an afterlife with many levels, dimensions and realms. 

Reincarnation happens and is by choice. 

There are ghosts of humans. 

There are angels, demons and other entities in the here and now and also in the afterlife. 

There are aliens. They are physical and interdimensional. 

Animals have souls and go on to the next realm. 

There were advanced ancient civilizations like Atlantis and they were a global civilization. 

Stay away from fast food, junk food, and soda. 

It is good to smoke tobacco, cigars, and drink alcohol. 

Manmade drugs are poison. 

Hallucinogens are ok to take for connecting to the divine in a spiritual ceremony only. Very few should do this tell they reach a level of spiritual maturity. 

Meditate and use the law of attraction. 

We all have intuition and psychic abilities. 

You are not a victim you are empowered. 

We make our own reality. 

Materialism and Minimalism are both good. 

Cultural preservation is priceless. 

Self-defense and self-empowerment is key. 

The Occult arts, sciences and philosophies are the paths to truth. 

Sex is spiritual communion. 

Being self-sufficient is good. 

Love all people no matter what their race, national origin, sexual orientation or religion. 

It’s good to be gay, straight or bisexual. 

It’s good to have a committed marriage. Also being in an open marriage and being a swinger is good.