Housing and Communes

NOTE: The Temple of Light is going through a restructuring and is relocating as of 2020 / 2021.

The Temple of Light has and is working on building sanctuaries, houses, developments, colonies and communes.

There is a lot of need for healthy, clean, green, affordable housing, community and love in this world. One of the temples main goals is to bring members together and improve their lives for the better, mentally, physically and spiritually so that all are members can obtain equilibrium.

Sanctuaries – Sanctuaries are retreats for members to gather, practice and participate in events.

Houses – Temple houses are a single family or multi-family residential property where members come to live under one roof.

Developments – Developments are multiple houses on one street, block or cul de sac where members live.

Colonies – Colonies are hosted, transitory, temporary or permanent locations where members come to live in many types of alternative housing that may included but not limited to tents, rv’s, teepees, yurts, cabins, lodges, tiny houses, tree houses, etc.

Communes – Communes are large rural communities on many acres that consist of members living, farming and working the land. Communes may or may not be off the grid and self-sufficient.

Interested in housing?

If you are looking for housing and want to join one of our local communities in your area. You must join the temple and express your interest in housing.

Do you want to host, help and support a temple community?

If you would like to host a community at your property email the temple that you are inquiring to host.

Would you like to donate property?

If you want to donate property to the temple of light email and put in the title acquisition.

Find us at: Foundation for Intentional Community